Sunday 4 June Natural body Care with  Gail Allsop Make your own Serums, Spritzers &  Toothpaste 1-4pm  $80

Gail is simply wonderful at teaching you how to create the scents for serums and a selection of body care products that are natural and free from harmful preservative, colourings and additives. These all add up to increased allergy loads. So, make your own and be confident that the beautiful products you make today, are fine for you at a fraction of the price.

A second class focussing on shampoo and conditioners is being held in July. Book for that one at the same time too!

To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email

Sunday 11 June Espalier Fruit Trees 9-12 $65

Growing fruit along a flat plane is an ancient art form, perfected by the French. However, we will make it the NEW THING for our smaller blocks with tricky narrow spots. You’ll get a harvest from apples, stone fruits, mulberries and more with the techniques I teach you.

This pruning and training technique I learned as a 22 year old, (that’s a long time ago) and first applied it to a Moorpark Apricot in our Ballarat garden. Today, I use it in our QLD garden as the perfect partition and production area. I design espaliers into suburban gardens that have narrow spots, privacy issues and small spaces. Perfect! Fruit where you never thought possible.

To Book, call Linda on 0416157470 or email


Sunday 18 June How to  Grow a great Orchard – Fruit Tree Companions, & Learning  Winter Pruning 9-4 $120

Pruning makes the difference between a healthy fruit tree and a poor one. It also makes a BIG difference to the harvest you’ll get from your tree.  You must prune correctly for the species of tree or you may cut off all your next season’s fruit.

You will learn how and when to prune a selection of fruiting trees. You’ll prune for shape, health and harvest. I provide sharp pruning tools, but you can bring yours on the day for assessment.

We also take a close look at permaculture principles for planting companion plants with fruit trees. You’ll go home armed with new skills and knowledge.


To Book, call Linda on 0416157470 or email