February 2021

Make Your Own Organic Beeswax Wraps

Saturday 13 February 2–4.30


Turn over a new leaf and make plastic wrap history in your home. Using beeswax wraps creates a happier and healthier you and a happier planet without the plastic waste.

You will learn how to create your own beeswax wraps this afternoon using organic cottons in pretty prints. You will take home three finished wraps – small, medium and large. And I’m sure you’ll start using them straight away. They are that good!

Plus, they last up to 12 months and at the end of their life, they are fully compostable. Perfect for a healthy home and a healthy environment.

Did you know?

We have our own organically tended honey bee hives here at Ecobotanica. The beeswax that our bees make, is carefully and lovingly melted and purified and this is what we make our wax wraps with.

On the day, you may choose to buy extra wax so you can make more wraps at home. I’ll have packs ready for you starting at $7.

And we’ll also have some of our delicious honey for sale too. I know you’ll want a jar for yourself.