Chocolate Pudding Fruit is also known as Black Sapote. It’s a delicious tropical fruit with sweet flesh that resembles chocolate mousse. I have an article on growing the tree here. Perhaps not quite chocolate in flavour, that can be added when you are preparing your recipe.

You’ll find these soft, squishy fruits for sale at farmers markets and garden or farr stalls around late winter to early spring. The fruit is about the size of a persimmon or an apple, but when you cut open the soft skin, a thick, wonderful chocolate pudding flesh is revealed. Does it taste like chocolate?

Well it looks like it and sometimes that’s the message your brain needs to tell it that it tastes like chocolate. However if you really do want to up the chocolate flavour, add some cacao or chocolate powder or syrup and voila, you have a deeper flavour.

I’m more than happy to eat it with a teaspoon, but if you would like to ‘do’ something with the fruit, try out these recipes…

Chocolate pudding fruit protein smoothie

2 serves

1 chocolate pudding fruit, seeds and skin removed

2 cups milk of choice

4 ice cubes

1 scoop ice cream

1 dessertspoon protein powder

You’ll notice I have no chocolate or cacao in this recipe. I’m not a fan of chocolate flavour, so I don’t add it, but I really do love this ultra-smooth chocolate looking smoothie. Add a spoon of cacao or chocolate powder if you love the rich flavour of chocolate.

Pop all ingredients into a blender and whizz until smooth and thick. Superb!


Black Sapote Brownies This delicious recipe is from Suwannee Rose. Its easy and totally yum. And a great way to include the amazing Chocolate Pudding Fruit into rich, velvety brownies.


Northey Street City Farm have a wonderful looking recipe for Black Sapote, Vanilla and Chia pudding. I’m looking forward to trying this one.


To find out when to harvest your fruit, click here.