Christmas Mocktails and Botanical Brews

Saturday 5 December 1-4.30


What a lovely way to end the year… harvesting herbs and flowers, and making botanical mocktails and brews. Why not enrol with a friend?

These sumptuous cocktails without the kick of alcohol will be true winners at your Christmas get togethers. I’ll show you how to make the simple syrups that form the base of mocktails and cocktails. But we’ll make them from native herbs and some of our more well-known herbs too. Gorgeous garden flowers, organically grown as well, will colour and flavour some of our mocktails, and create the perfect decorative visual delight as well.

So what will you do at this class?

We’ll explore the most flavourful herbs and flowers that create the most spectacular mocktails.

You’ll learn how to make simple syrups and herbal concentrates

You’ll make some ferments that will tickle your fancy

You’ll choose floral ice blocks and ice bowls to present your drinks,

You’ll be delighted to find a new skill in mixology and you’ll enjoy sipping your way through a range of brilliant, bubbly and smoothly decadent mocktails.

And, you’ll take home a little bottle of mixer with you so you can share the love with the family (or keep it to yourself)

And can you make these alcoholic? Well yes, of course. I’ll give you tips to creating the strictly adults only version once you get home.

Bring a hat with you as we’ll venture into the herb and flower gardens. This is a small class to allow us to keep a safe distance, and we will be working outside.