Edible Flower Gardening

21 November 2-4.30


If you’d love to grow a gorgeous and floral organic garden that you can eat as well as pick bunches of blooms to fill your vases, you’ll love being immersed in this afternoon of edible blooms.

Spring will be in full bloom here in the subtropics and there are plenty of exciting blooms to tickle your fancy. The garden is gorgeous now in spring with an abundance of colour, fragrance and flavour.

The edible gladioli will be out and in flower, lots of edible roses, hollyhocks and violas. AND there are many more to wonder at here too.

We’ll start the afternoon with a tour of our organic garden and learn about the ways you can include flowers that are good enough to eat, in your garden.

This class is different to the Garden Parties that have gone before. It’s a hands-on workshop where you’ll grow edible flowers to take home and start in your own garden, while learning about the most beautiful flowers how you can plan for a floral picking and eating garden through the year. It’s a perfect class if you are a cake decorator, florist or cook, as there’s lots to enthuse about in a flower garden! (And it’s a lovely class to attend with a friend.)

We’ll enjoy a light afternoon tea as we create mini recycled pots of edible flower seeds and cuttings, and you’ll be sure to find flowers that fit your edible needs that you may never have grown before too.

And a wonderful free bonus— with your ticket to this class you will receive a copy of my book ‘A Delicious Bunch, growing and cooking with edible flowers’ valued at $35.

It’s just for 6 people so we can stay COVID safe, and it will be very popular. Don’t hesitate to book your spot.