In June and July, many of our gardens can look a little drab and sad. Don’t feel you have to bunker down for winter. These are just some of the lovely plants providing me with edible flowers now, depending upon where you are in the world

Flowering now: Bougainvillea (I have a recipe to use this fabulous flower in the book); Violas and Pansies; Bedding begonias; Phlox, Banana Bell, Borage, Calendula, Crucifix Orchid, Lavender, Pumpkin, Radish, broccoli and Asian greens flowers.

Here are some of my favourites to plant now:

German Chamomile (ours comes up from self-sown seed each year)

Dianthus (annual or perennials)

Snap Dragon


Stocks (They are related to cabbages and love the cooler weather)