What to Plant in April and May

What to plant now in your April May subtropical garden Vegies It’s been a busy time out there as we try to keep up with the phenomenal growth in the [...]

What to Plant in August

August has rolled around again, and it's the start of something fresh and wonderful out there in the garden. Have you started to see things change in the garden? New [...]

Wet Weather Garden Jobs

In the subtropics where we live, most of our rainfall  occurs during the warmer humid months. Those warm to hot days with rain and high humidity can create havoc with [...]

Are Your Mangoes Marvellous?

Start preparing now for the best harvest ever. Mangoes are a wonderful fruiting tree for the home garden – A dwarf tree will give you plenty of fresh mangoes through [...]

Mindful Gardening

This week I’ve had the great fortune borrow a library book called ‘Gardening for Mindfulness’ by Holly Farrell. So, taking a few mindful messages from her book, I’d like to [...]

Harvesting Chocolate Pudding Fruit/Black Sapote