Green Health Breakfast Smoothie

Green health breakfast smoothiegreen-health

We have a green smoothie mo
st mornings and some afternoons too.
I dash into the garden and grab a bowlful of leafy greens or vegies and mix them with microgreens, sprouts and fruit. The Blendtec blender whips it all so smooth! This is an especially delicious smoothie we had a week or two ago.


Mix together two fresh pineapple slices, a wedge of green or yellow melon, ½ cup seedless grapes and some leafy greens. I used baby Asian greens (Tatsoi), sweet leaf and sorrel and threw in some of our own micro greens- lentil and wheatgrass.

If you don’t have a speed blender, then just run your blender for 30 seconds or more to get a smoother result.

Some folks like a chilled drink so add some ice cubes before blending.