Grow a Tea Garden (and grow a wonderful herbal cuppa every day)

Saturday 3 October 1-4


Thanks everyone for asking me to run this class for you after my very popular Facebook and Instagram posts that I called ‘A Cuppa A Day’ a few months back. Let’s get into herbal teas together. I’m delighted to be sharing our organic garden and herb terrace with you for this class that will have you steeped in the history and joys of growing herbal teas.

We will ramble the garden to taste, sniff and gather herbs that make brews for everyday enjoyment and some that are wonderfully medicinal as well. I’ll introduce you to the ways we can mix and blend different herbs to create your own signature tea blend and we’ll look at how to dry your herbal abundance to use later.

You’ll have a pot to brew your herbal mixes in and a beautiful cup to sip and enjoy your cuppa.  I’ve got lots of recipes for herbal teas to share with you too.

We’ll cover how to make Turmeric Lattes, Sticky Chai, Dry Chai spice mixes, and Iced Teas ready for summer enjoyment.

And after a gentle afternoon of brewing and herbal learning, I’m not about to let you go home empty handed! You’ll propagate some seasonal herbs from cutting and seeds so you can begin your own herbal tea garden at home.