Saturday 20 March


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own garden, harvesting food from it and enjoying the meals you can share from it. (Not to mention the therapeutic qualities that gardening contributes to our health and wellbeing.)

At this full day class, you’ll find our how easy it is to convert a patch of grass to a vegie patch.


We’ll prepare for planting in ground and in raised beds and plan for a whole season of delicious food that you can replicate and grow in our garden

You’ll learn about improving soil so the vegies you grow are packed full of life giving nutrients.

This class is for the person who’d love to grow food and feel the enjoyment of growing and harvesting their own produce.

and you’ll take away lots of new skills to start and grow, your own beautiful organic patch, even in a small space.

And, I’ll provide a nourishing morning tea and lunch for us with fresh food from the garden as well as a booklet of info from the day as a reference material for you.