Saturday 8 April, Organic Gardening  How to grow from seed, seedling and cuttings.What are heirloom seeds and why to use them? How to do side dressing and what fertilisers to use. Making straw bale gardens.

Sunday 9 April Organic Gardening  Pest control, companion plants, home made garden preparations, saving seeds, when to harvest.

The Organic Gardening classes are a full day immersion experience where you’ll learn how to change from conventional chemical gardening to awesome Organic gardening. The classes are supported by hands on practice in our gorgeous organic garden, plus comprehensive notes and lots of advice from an expert professional.

In the course we cover a wide range of topic areas that we all need to know. Everything from the soil to sowing, pest control and the harvest. It’s a unique course and a great opportunity to learn the right way the first time.

Who needs this course? The person or family who want to grow their own sensational vegies, whether its 90% self-sufficient of just a few favourites. It’s perfect for a beginner gardener, but there have been lots of experienced gardeners attend too, and they always have a wonderful time with plenty of insights into good practice.

Does success come naturally? If you are having disappointments in your garden, this is a must for you. Success can be yours every season once you have the foundations right. You will learn how to identify and treat many of the common problems we see in gardens without polluting the environment or yourself.

Where does permaculture fit in? As Linda is a trained permaculture teacher, the principles and practices are woven into this course. You’ll see how both organics and permaculture can be interwoven while still having a beautiful and productive garden.


The classes are $125 each.

To book your spot or to give the gift of organic, homegrown food to a person you love, call Linda on 0416157470 or email by clicking here

What others have said:

“I attended the Organic Immersion workshop with Linda and was so glad that I did! The weekend was full of organic basics, soil health, practical hands on sessions and wonderful food! Linda was so happy to answer my novice gardening questions and trouble shoot problems we were having in the garden.” Rachelle

“The Organic Immersion was excellent. A very hands-on weekend, applying organic gardening techniques. Linda’s knowledge on the subject is exceptional and the vegetarian lunches she made were amazing.” Matt

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