5 March Edible Flowers High Tea 1-4 pm $85

This is a very popular class at Ecobotanica. We’ll have a garden tour, flower harvest, and insights into the most beautiful flowers that are also good to eat and what we should avoid.
After a tour of the garden and herb terrace, it’s into the kitchen where I’ll show you some special ways to preserve delicate flowers, buds and petals for use on cakes, in salads and teas and lots more ways too. You will also have the chance to make some delicious tiny morsels with flowers at the forefront.
I’ll spoil you with a beautiful high tea with home-made herbal and mixed teas and tisanes, delicately fragrant blossom cakes, filled flowers, bite sized delights, petal butters, candied blooms, frozen bowls of floral cordials and tantalising savouries.
You will also learn how to make a couple of ‘adults only’ delights for the most discerning palate.
It’s a beautiful workshop to bring a friend to and really celebrate your love of beauty. However, while many women bring a friend, it’s not essential. Come by yourself and meet others with the same joy and appreciation as you.

To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email Linda@ecobotanica.com.au


19 March Herb and Tea Gardens. Design and Planting 9-4 pm $125

Enjoying your next cuppa is simply amazing when you can nip into the garden and pick tea leaves or herbs for your brew. I’ve been growing herbs for teas for decades now and have a wide selection of the most delicious herbs and tea blends to share with you.

Herbal teas are enjoying a resurgence in the market place with expensive stores popping up and exclusive herbal blends now available at markets and in cafes. However, it is enjoyable and fun to grow and blend your own herbal teas, not to mention a whole lot more economical. Soon your friends and family will be asking for fresh tea from your garden rather than the shop bought herbs.

This class is combined with a fun lesson on the basics of designing your own herb and or tea garden. You’ll take home a workable plan for your own garden whether it be in pots or in the ground.

To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email Linda@ecobotanica.com.au