Sometimes your school playgrounds can be forgotten as areas for great potential in outdoor learning, optional outdoor and natural classrooms, and places where children can explore the natural world in the calming space of a garden.

I’ve worked with Childcare Centres, Preschools, Kindergartens and Primary Schools for several decades as a horticulturist , designer and an Environmental educator.

Sometimes what you need is a revamp of the current area . We can work together to develop a lovely play space ripe for learning and enjoyment. I’ll visit your school and discuss the teacher,principal and possibly even parent body visions and help you to plan how to bring them to reality.

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Or, if you’d really like to embed outdoor and eco education in to the classroom teaching, I have developed a program called Science in the Garden where I offer incursions with classes and their teachers to learn about the Science Curriculum through the garden.

We can work together to plant and grow a garden, addressing a whole range of science-based learning outcomes on the way. It’s fun, engaging and innovative, and the teachers will love the insights and assistance it gives them when creating inspirational classes for their students.

Outdoor learning is also excellent for those active learners who really want to be hands on and head down in a patch of compost looking for microbial life, who love nothing more that to create experiments with their bare hands, and who feel the need to experience the world through seeing, doing, smelling, touching and tasting.

Incursions are offered as one off or as a multisession program

Contact Linda to find out more about school Incursions and School Garden Consultations

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