Strawberry Chia Puddings

3223_strawberryStrawberry Chia Puddings

You’ll need a blender for this recipe.
1 cup strawberries or other seasonal berries or fruit (Any fruit works well)
1 cup milk (You can use almond milk, soy, rice milk or even organic dairy millk. For the Farm Fantastic at Caboolture I used Almond Millk.)
Either 1 tablespoon honey OR 2 tablespoons of date paste* see below as a sweetener.
1 teaspoon organic vanilla paste
8 Tablespoons white chia seed

Put the strawberries, milk, date paste and vanilla into into a blender. Whizz on high speed until it’s all very smooth.
Turn off the blender and add the chia seeds. Pulse 2 seconds only to mix in the chia seed.
Pour into serving glasses.

Let sit about 10 minutes for the chia seed to gel and swell before eating.
Sometimes I make it one day and eat it the next for breakfast. It’s still lovely. The chia seeds swell and become gelatinous, yes still have a crunchy centre. It’s a bit like caviar in ┬átexture.
This can be served with edible flower petals, fresh fruit or just as it is.

Hope you love it.

* To make date paste: Take some pitted Medjool dates (These are the very soft whole dates). Put them into a blender with just enough filtered water to cover. Whizz until thoroughly combined and turned to paste. This stores well in small containers in the freezer for use when you need it