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We are running small classes outdoors to be COVID safe. I’ve loaded up a whole temptation of classes for you that will enthuse and inspire you until the end of the year.  Check the classes page for details.

At Ecobotanica you can delve into..

Growing and Eating flowers with my book, ‘A Delicious Bunch – Growing and cooking with edible flowers’.  Buy one here or at your favourite bookstore.

Creating a great edible garden with help and inspiration. Join an organic garden class for  thriving ideas and growing practice. Check out the  organic classes  

Solving your gardening issues. Click the Gardening Tips picture below.

The library of helpful videos to help you out. Click the Gardening Videos picture below

Recipes for your harvest. Click the Gardening Recipes picture below


Or perhaps you need more? Get personalised garden help   with a garden consultation You’ll be delighted with the results. It’s just what you need!

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And here’s my latest blog post on Mindful Gardening


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