For simply the best hands on classes on growing and enjoying organic food in south east Queensland. Watch to quick video to the right for some inspiration.

Most of the classes listed below are held at our beautiful organic acreage in Capalaba in the Redlands, just 25 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. It’s the perfect place to breathe in fresh air, and open your mind to possibilities.

The cluck of contented hens, chatter of birds and the swish of breeze in the majestic eucalypts will seduce you into relaxing and enjoying your class. Our abundant organic vegetable patch, thriving organic orchard and specialist garden areas are an inspiration to grow your own.  To join a life-changing organic class, just click a link with the class you’d like to attend.

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June 2017

In June,  I’m hosting Natural Beauty consultant Gail Allsop who will teach you how to make beautiful products for your body. Don’t miss out as this is a cracker!

It’s also the time to think about growing FRUIT. So, get your secateurs out, gloves on, and book a spot.

Sunday 4 June

Natural body Care with  Gail Allsop – Make your own Serums, Spritzers and Toothpaste 1-4pm  $80

Gail is a beautician with a special talent for teaching you how to make your own luxuriously natural skin and hair care products. A must for anyone with skin problems or those of us who love natural over chemical. The hair care workshop in July builds on this one.  complement this one.

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To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email


Sunday 11

June Espalier Fruit Trees 9-12 $65

This class is for you if you’d like to learn the ancient practice of training fruiting trees along wires as flat trees. Great for narrow or small spots.

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To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email


Sunday 18 June

How to  Grow a great Orchard-Fruit Tree Companions, and Learning  Winter Pruning 9-4 $120

Hacking at your fruit trees without proper identification of what you are removing and the knowledge of which parts should remain, is a recipe for disaster. If you have fruit trees, you must come!


To Book, please call Linda on 0416157470 or email

espaliered pear tree