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For simply the best hands on classes on growing and enjoying organic food in south east Queensland. Watch to quick video to the right for some inspiration.

Most of the classes listed below are held at our beautiful organic acreage in Capalaba in the Redlands, just 25 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. It’s the perfect place to breathe in fresh air, and open your mind to possibilities.

For other events, please check the events calendar.

The cluck of contented hens, chatter of birds and the swish of breeze in the majestic eucalypts will seduce you into relaxing and enjoying your class. Our abundant organic vegetable patch, thriving organic orchard and specialist garden areas are an inspiration to grow your own.  To join a life-changing organic class, just click a link with the class you’d like to attend.

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Or, to ask more about the class, call 0416 157 470.

June 2020

Espalier Fruit trees-The Gentle Art of Tree Training 

Saturday 27 June 9-12

This is the first class back after our period of enforced rest. It will be just a small outdoor class with plenty of space around each of us.

I already have a couple of bookings, so to join, please email me soon to avoid missing out if you really would like to start your own espaliered fruits.

Here’s  some info about the class…

Do you want more fruit but just don’t have the space?

Or if you have a narrow spot at the side of the drive or along a fence,  but are not sure what to grow there?

Then training fruit trees to grow flat so you have a good harvest, no bugs and a minimum of space  with maximum number of trees is a fantastic option.

I’ve been espaliering fruit trees for 40 years with excellent results. My love affair with these trained trees started with a Moorpark Apricot back in my Ballarat garden. Now in the subtropics I espalier apples and dwarf red mulberry and nectarine as they respond so well.

This artful skill has been passed down through the ages and is a perfect way to grow our apples here in the subtropics. At this active class you will learn the principles of espalier in its many forms and you’ll work on my trees here so you can really experience how to do it successfully at home.

I’d love you to experience your own successes too, especially if you have limited space.

I only run one espalier class per year, so if you’d like to join just a handful of other people, don’t wait to book in as this class is always full of eager espalierists.

Price $80

Book by calling Linda 0416157470

or email

July 2020

The Best Vegies in the Street

Sunday 5 July 9.30-3.30

This class is an essential if you’ve just started to grow your own food, or are thinking of beginning a productive patch. We’ve all been thinking about this I know, given our situation of late.  And I also know how utterly enjoyable the last few months have been here, being able to wander into the garden and pick fresh fruit for breakfast, snappingly fresh vegetables for lunch and then to have some more for dinner too.

Having a fruit and vegie garden for us meant that we could avoid the shops much of the time, and we were comfortably well off with an ongoing supply of our own healthy, nutrition-packed organic produce. And we had with plenty to share with family and friends. I’d love to share how we do it with you so you can enjoy the confidence and true joys of growing your own food, in spaces from balconies to backyards.

At this full day class you’ll also enjoy the hands-on nature of learning. We all know we learn better while practicing as we learn, so this is really an ideal opportunity for you to have fun learning while effortlessly allowing the organic and biodynamic practices I show you, to become second nature.

So what will you learn?

This full day class introduces you in a hands-on way, to how to change the way you grow, how we prepare the soil, what we add in an organic system to support the plants and build soil health and microbial activity. You’ll bring some of your own soil and we’ll do some simple soil testing and work on what your soil needs for excellent productive powers. Building organic matter and nurturing the microbes is key for an organic garden.

You’ll practice preparing beds to plant and learn about planting from seed. Do all seeds go straight into the soil or which ones need a soak, a pre-plant treatment or planting into a pot first?

We’ll look at rotation crops and companion plants, and do a short session on identifying and treating pests and diseases.


It’s an all round excellent class if you’d like to start growing clean, delicious food, no matter what size plot you have and whether you rent or own your own place.

The class is run from Ecobotanica, our purely organic small acreage , packed with birds, bees, trees and food.


Bring your own lunch, but I’ll provide morning tea in the garden cottage, made from the freshest produce grown in our garden.

You’ll take home with lots of ideas,  experience and you may even take home seeds or seedlings excess to our planting.

And best of all, this class can be life changing, allowing you to ditch the chemicals and grow the food you love most.

What’s better than that?

Price: $120

Email me to book

Or give me a call  0416157470

July 2020

Herb Gardens 

How to start your own and what herbs to choose for your most useful culinary and medicinal herbs

Sunday 19 July 1-4 $85

This is a rather dreamy and fragrant class that you’ll love. We’ll explore the world of herbs, both culinary and medicinal, and you’ll learn more about the herbs you’d love to include in your garden- Herbs for people and herbs to use for pets and chickens too!

You’ll love growing your own fresh herbs for cooking, and harvesting herbs that you can use to ease the most common ailments from skin itches, to sore throats, tension to nausea and lots more too.

At this class we will take a wander in our organic herb gardens to explore some of the many uses of our favourite herbs. Some are reasonably well known while others are rather unusual and exotic. Some do well in pots, others are excellent to plant under fruit trees, roses or as a border in the garden.

You’ll get to know the requirements each need for optimal growth, and you’ll learn to choose the most helpful and useful herbs  and how to propagate them too. I preserve the excess herbs from our herb garden, and I’ll show you how we make a range of herbal condiments that will last through the year and that make lovely as gifts too.

I’ll take you through the most successful ways to propagate some of the herbs we use, so you can take them home and start afresh in your own garden. And we’ll have a selection of warming herbal teas to try for afternoon tea with herb scones, herb butter and preserves.

Please bring a shoe box or lunch box to take your new plants home in.

Email me to book

Or give me a call  0416157470

July 2020

Beeswax Wraps

Sunday 26 July 1-4 $85

We all want to reduce the plastic in our lives don’t we? I’ve committed to not using cling wrap again, so that means a lot less plastic waste in landfill and in the oceans, and a lot less plastic in my food. It also means exploring alternatives such as Beeswax Wraps instead of plastic wrap. Our bees produce wax and plenty of it, so we’ll go through the process that you need to follow in creating these wax wraps, from bee to being used.

I find them to be simply amazing and they are fully compostable too. These wraps are made from pure cotton, beeswax, oils and resins. And while they are expensive in the shops, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost.

At this fun workshop, you’ll make two generous sized beeswax wraps and a useful lunch envelope to carry snacks or sandwiches to work or school. Choose your fabric from my expansive stash of lovely pure cottons on the day.

If you’d like a take-home pack to make more beeswax wraps at home, place an order when you book in for this class. Your pack will contain three generous squares or rectangles of fabric of your choice, beeswax melts, resin and an applicator. Price $28

*Please bring an apron to wear at the class to save your clothes from wax splashes.

Email me to book

Or give me a call  0416157470

August 2020

Chemical free gardens to nurture people, bees & beneficial insects

Sunday 9 August 1-4 $85

This class is about going organic.

With all the marketing in the nurseries and hardware stores encouraging you to buy chemicals to boost plant health, reduce insects and get bigger, better results, it can be really hard to work out what you really need for your garden, especially if you want to grow clean food without the nasties.

So, having practiced strict organic production and taught it formally and informally for decades now, I’d like to share with you, the ways you can avoid the chemicals and really add health, vitality and resilience to your garden, flavour to your food and fewer chemicals to your plate.

This class will take you on a practical journey through the alternatives to chemical growing, so you can enjoy a healthier life and a healthier you. And when you grow without the herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilisers, your food will taste better and your soil will improve as a result.

So, we will look at how to enlist the help of beneficial fungi, macropods, birds and insects in your garden.

We’ll explore planting that encourages bees and beneficials.

You’ll get your hands dirty and create good stuff for an organic plot.

And we’ll work out how it all fits together to make your garden and body, work properly again.

Email me to book:

Or give me a call  0416157470

August 2020

Spring Garden Party

Sunday 30 August 1-4  $90

This Garden party was to be held for Mother’s Day, but we all know what happened to prevent us from enjoying the day together! So, we’ve transferred it to today and have the bonus creative event of making tiny succulents in terracotta pots which you’ll take home.

A Garden party begins with canapes by the new/old Slab Cottage, a project we started and completed during the lockdown. It’s so gorgeous.

We take a tour of the garden, exploring edible flowers, and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea snuggled up with the fleecy rugs at pretty tables in the garden. Enjoy afternoon tea from fine china, herbal teas and warm scones, jam and cream. Once you are feeling full and satisfied, you’ll have the chance to make a pretty miniature pot with succulents- Perfect for a desk or windowsill.

At the Garden Party you will also receive a gift bag with a copy of my book ‘A Delicious Bunch, Growing and Cooking with Edible Flowers’, and some organic goodies inside.

Its a popular day and always fully booked for just 12 people. We’ve already taken booking transfers from May, so if you’d like to join in, don’t delay in booking your spot.

Email me to book:

Or give me a call  0416157470

Payment and refund policy

Classes at Ecobotanica are booked and paid in advance to secure your spot, using a card, transfer or cash.

Refunds are not given for cancellations within 5 working days, or failure to show up for a class. 

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