One of my most popular classes is now online for you to purchase, download, and learn what you need to know to get started growing beautifully trained espaliered fruit trees.

Imagine growing fruit trees galore in a tiny garden. Having rich, juicy fruit at your fingertips. Fresh for breakfast, lunch and dessert… and probably more left for preserving too. It’s the ultimate gardener’s reward when you bite into a juicy, crisp apple, or taste the rich flavour of your own stone fruit. AND you don’t have to be a greenthumb to achieve a basket of fruit from your own espaliered trees.

Can you see a spot in your garden for a few more trees?

Many of us will answer NO to that one. But I have a solution.

Many of our gardens are small these days and space is at a premium. That’s where this art of training espaliered fruit trees is excellent for gardens large or small. This way of training fruiting trees makes them suitable for pots on balconies, narrow spaces with only a fence panel width, and sometime even less.

Have you been told that you can’t grow some fruits such as apples and nectarines in your climate. 

Don’t believe them!

Espalier is the ancient way of training trees so they are not only beautiful, but so that they only take up a small amount of space. It’s a great way to grow very productive trees in almost any climate, and yes, we can grow them from the tropics to cold climates. It’s a matter of knowing how to prepare the soil, the spot you choose to grow them in and how to select the right fruit for your area.

I’ll show you how on the video class and I back it up with an easy to follow pdf of notes that accompany the video.  Our apples, red mulberries, figs, plums, quince and nectarines provide us with bountiful harvests from trees that are under head high and always pest free.

How can that be? They are the most delicious fruits without blemishes, holes or grubs, and all organic. And that’s here in the subtropics. But, our espalier in a cold climate worked superbly too. You can do it!

Will espalier work in a small space?

By training fruit trees to wires along your narrow driveway, against a pathway or even on walls or running alongside fences, you can use a small space to create a wonderful orchard, but one that’s flat and easy to reach. And best of all, we grow them all organically and I’ll outline in this class how you can do this too.

Are pests a problem on your fruit trees?

Espalier cuts out most of those pest problems and I’ll show you how easy it is – without sprays. No caterpillars, no fruit spotting bugs, no fruit flies and certainly no bigger pests like birds, possums or rats.

Can you grow organically?

Without the need for insect sprays, you’ve already done away with a huge chemical input. And I’ll show you what I do to prepare the soil and how to use organic inputs for your fruit tree that will keep it healthy and well fed for the whole of its fruit bearing life.

Is it hard to do?

It’s a really enjoyable thing to do-training a tree so it looks beautiful and is productive as well. There’s not a lot of effort involved, and your trees will bear in just a few years.  You won’t need to be up a ladder, ever, and you won’t need long handled fruit picking tools.

I will guide you each step of the way with an easy to follow video in 10 segments.

Can I watch the online video class more than once?

You will receive a unique password that allows you access to the video class and notes when you need it, as often as you like.

I’ve divided the class into Segments. Each segment corresponds to a step in the espalier method. From why espalier; a very short history; choosing a spot and choosing your tree; right through setting up the posts and wires and pruning and training. You’ll be ready to go to the next segment at your own pace. And you can always go back and watch again. You’ll have the video to refer back to season after season, tree after tree, year after year.

And of course, you’ll have your notes as well. These support the video and have extra information such as tables of fruiting varieties that are suited to your conditions and espalier designs. When you download and print these, it’s easy to refer to them and to cross reference them to the video class.

Now all you have to do is to simply click on the button to buy your class.

It’s just $65 for the whole class of 10 Segments that you can watch as often as you want to, and notes that you can download and view on your computer or print off and keep.

It’s such fun, I know you’ll be hooked after your first espaliered fruit tree.