Garden Consultations


Do you dream of…

  • a thriving vegie patch with food you can harvest daily
  • a successful herb garden with all the herbs you’d love to use
  • an abundant orchard with fresh juicy fruit
  • a plan for permaculture perfection?

If it’s just not working for you, or you’re not sure where to start, then a consultation in your garden with the edible garden expert, is your prescription for success.
You’ll be excited, inspired, and guided through the tricky bits so you can grow an oasis.
Here’s what you’ll get with a garden consultation.


“Hello Linda, Gabe and I were very grateful for, and inspired by your visit yesterday.  Lots to think about and to do in bite-size chunks.  We look forward to seeing you again next week.  Roberta”

“Hello Linda,   Thank you for this morning; we found it both informative and inspirational beyond expectation. We look forward to sharing pictures of the many stages our garden will go through; it is going to be a joy – both the process and the outcome. Cheers Graham & Kathy”

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