Banana Stem Soup

So many cultures use the inside core of young banana stems in curries and soups, laksa and stew, it seems a pity that we would not do the same - [...]

Davidson’s Plum and Rose Petal Jelly

Davidson’s Plum and Rose Petal Jelly Recipe Davidson’s Plums are a native Australian fruit that resembles a purple Sugar Plum. A big difference is that the Davidson’s plum is so [...]

Thai Curry Paste with Kra Chai (Finger root or Chinese Keys)

While we love Thai food, it never quite has the same complex and rich flavour  in Australia as it did back in Thailand. The elusive missing ingredient in many dishes [...]

Peppercorn sauce with your own peppercorns

The utterly delicious thing about growing your own pepper is that you get to eat it fresh rather than dried. Pop a little peppercorn in your mouth and yes, it [...]

Chocolate Pudding Fruit/Black Sapote Recipes

Chocolate Pudding Fruit is also known as Black Sapote. It’s a delicious tropical fruit with sweet flesh that resembles chocolate mousse. I have an article on growing the tree here. [...]

Raw Dairy Free Cashew and Herb Cheese

Raw Dairy Free Cashew and Herb Cheese Raw dairy free Herb and Cashew ‘cheese’ Dairy allergic people, vegans and raw foodies don’t eat dairy based cheese. But, if you have [...]