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Credit for this video: Liam Brennan Film maker

Garden Parties are beautiful here at Ecobotanica.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way

A relaxing, unique and beautiful setting, delectable flower-based afternoon tea, an inspiring garden tour and a beautiful bag of organic goodies to take home, including your own copy of ‘A Delicious Bunch’

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Film credit: Liam Edward Brennan, Filmmaker

A Delicious Bunch Book Launch

If you missed the book launch, here’s a snippet of the afternoon. It was a delectable celebration of this unique and desirable book, a first of its kind in Australia and a hit with thousands of gardeners and cooks as we’ve now gone into the second print run!

To order your own copy, go to the Buy Books on this website

Film credit: Liam Edward Brennan, Filmmaker

How to Prepare a Banana Flower for Cooking 

My favourite way to enjoy banana flowers is in Seeni sambol. It’s a recipe that I enjoyed often when we had a Sri Lankan family staying with us.  Devika prepared it from any banana flowers we had in the garden. They never went to waste and the Seeni sambol is delicious.

However, correct preparation of the banana flowers is essential or your seeni sambol will be bitter. In this quick video, I  show you how to prepare the banana bell for this recipe.
The recipe for the seeni sambol is in my latest book ‘A Delicious Bunch, Growing and cooking with edible flowers’. Available from Bookstores or from my online store. Click here to order your copy.

Film credit: Liam Edward Brennan, Filmmaker

Elderflower fritters

When I think of edible flowers, my mind turns to elderflowers and making champagne and fritters.

The fritters are crisp, light and delicious.

This recipe is in addition to the scrumptious ones in my book : A Delicious Bunch, growing and cooking with edible flowers

Thanks to: Liam Brennan Film maker for this awesome short video

The Unboxing Video. I’m sharing the excitement and a sneak preview of the new ‘A Delicious Bunch’ books that have just arrived. 

I know this video of an UNBOXING may not go ‘viral’ like so many on the internet before it,  but at least it’s a little bit of a thrill for me to be able to share it with you. Liam rushed over and shot it live.  (It’s great to have talent in the family isn’t it?)

If you’d like a signed copy of the book, it will be for purchase at some of the events, starting with the QLD Garden Expo at Nambour on July 7-9 2017. I’ll be presenting there at the Kitchen Garden, Kitchen stage. More on the events calendar tab under the book. Click here.

You’ll also be able to pick up a copy at your local bookstore. You are going to love this book, I just know it.

Video credit:  Liam Brennan Film maker

How to Make Your Own  Rose Petal Jam 

This is the simple and rewarding way to create a jar of heaven from organically grown flowers that you’d normally just keep in a vase. When I serve this, it always tricks people… Is it strawberry? Plum? The flavour and soft texture is so scentsual.

Ingredients: 200g scented rose petals; 600g sugar; lemon juice; 600ml water; 1 dessertspoon jam setta


Thanks to the talented : Liam Brennan Film maker for this beautiful video

When to Harvest Eggplants?

It’s often a tricky thing, knowing when to harvest your eggplants.

Leave them too late and they are tough, too early and they are wasted and what makes the ends go sandy and brown anyway?

I’ve made this super quick video for you with the ways to know when your eggplants are ready to harvest.

Growing Peas in a Warm garden

It can be a challenge to grow peas in the subtropics as they suffer from the heat, acid soils and powdery mildew because of our warm, or should I say, balmy, winters.

But with a few key pointers, you’ll have a delicious harvest too.

A Taste of Summer- Pineapple skins and Lemon Verbena Green Tea

A quick video to show you how to use Lemon Verbena

Herb to flavour this refreshing summer drink made from a little used resource!

Winter Solstice Celebrations 2015

A wonderful night of mid-winter music, food, dance and labyrinth walking.