Garden Workshop Dukka

Garden Workshop Dukka

Dukka is a middle eastern dry dip made from a nut and seed base, flavored with herbs and spices. To make it will take you two minutes with a blender or food processor – significantly longer if you chop the nuts by hand.

My own recipe diverges form traditional a little as it has Lemon Myrtle from our own tree. We love it as do the participants aworkshopt the workshops.

I suggest serving it with small chunks of crusty bread dipped in a good Australian Olive Oil first then dunked into the dukka mix.


150 g raw almonds
50 g raw sesame seed (from health food or organic shop). Heat seeds in a frypan, stirring continually, until lightly golden and slightly fragrant.
1 teasp salt
½ teasp cumin
4-5 teasp crushed or very finely chopped lemon myrtle leaves
Add pepper to taste

Place all ingredients into a food processor. Blend until all the granules are of similar size.

Serve in a shallow bowl.