Raw Food Green Breakfast Juice

I am seriously into the joys of eating raw food at the moment, and loving the fresh flavours and healthy meals, straight from the garden. It’s especially good fun experimenting with raw food as some recipes require dehydrating to achieve a ‘cooked’ texture. We are able to dehydrate the bounty from our garden and make delicious raw breads, crackers and pie crusts as well as wraps and lots more. At first we enjoyed kale chips, now it’s onto flax crackers, bread and bikkies. Oh yes, the raw raspberry cheesecake was wonderful too. Thanks for that Imogen.

Why go raw? Raw food preserves the nutrients and allows food to release its enzymes, making it much easier for you to digest than cooked foods. It doesn’t have to be all cold either. It can be warmed to 115 C for chilly nights. The best raw brekky I’ve had this week is a raw food drink made with the abundance of kale from our garden.
Here’s how to make a Green Breakfast Smoothie that’s soothing to the stomach after a hard night on the curry:

To make it, send the following ingredients through your vegie juice extractor for 1 large smoothie.

1 whole pear, skin and all
1 whole orange, peeled
Fresh tumeric a piece the size of your little finger
¼ ripe pawpaw seeds and skin removed
2 kale leaves
Small handful parsley
¼ cup iced water
¼ cup green coconut water (I used canned from Asian stores or you could buy a fresh coconut and pierce a hole in it for the water inside.)